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【 令 WOODY 會 心 微 笑 的 知 音】


感謝 Marsala GH 的邀請及訪問,使我有機會停下來,去回顧我所做過的,以及一直堅持的理念

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G:「知道嗎,讓人看了會心微笑的作品才會留在心裡許久許久,那是一場真摯婚禮最好的開幕...  G問WOODY認為「愛」是什麼,他說:『他在電影INTERSTELLAR找到了他最喜歡的一句話- “ Love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends time and space.” (「愛」是我們唯一可跨越時間與空間而感知的事物。)」其實電影還有下一句 ...  


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Laugh and Cry . with YOU . forever

Cat and Roy's wedding ceremony was romantic and sentimental. It is not a grand wedding, but a ceremony decorated with blue sky, green grass, soft wind, and all of the people that are precious to Cat and Roy. The leafs were dancing, like a violin for the wind to play. We were drowned in this place, we almost forgot we were shooting in HK.


let's share the moments when these two soul mates are making the lifelong promises.