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【 I wanna grow old with you 】

"Every once in a while we hear songs that touch our heart, and this is one of them. Its lyrics and tune might be simple, but as they say, every word hides a story and every song has a soul." - The Wedding Notebook

I wanna grow old with you

Slowly our dreams will come true

Storms will come, our love won’t fade

Cause we have God with us


"In sickness and in health ..." - you hear this in almost every wedding.

The story of C & M begins in a wedding, a chinese door game, precisely.

"Before I knew your name, you put lipstick on my face..."

In the beginning, they almost spent all the times together in the Hospital because of M's illness.

"You took me before yourself, and helped me through the pain.

In God, they love.

As M was getting better and better, it seems their dreams may come true, as if the sunray burst through the clouds.


The concept behind the storytelling is all about hearing C & M's story in person.

By discovering the small but unique characters of this lovely couple, I present to you

C + M // I wanna grow old with you