Destination Wedding

【 浪 濤 . 細 語 . 諾 言 】

浪 濤 . 細 語 . 諾 言 // It’s a million miles from, where we begun, and I,
I still love you ...

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// from Prague to where land & sea meet //

a Mr + Mrs Woody production // so MUCH memories to share!

those who have been to SALA PHUKET RESORT & SPA know just how beautiful of a backdrop it has.

Nana and Ian had just flown in from Hong Kong and we gathered in the restaurant of the resort in the morning of the wedding day // 17 Mar 2012+1.

It was a peaceful morning, I just finished a big SALA breakfast with Mrs Woody, the mighty monopod and the voigtlander nokton 17.5mm f0.95 with its bigger brother 25mm. Glad that I brang these with me, i don't want to miss anything, ANYTHING~

you really can't help but enjoying the ... performance :p


they were getting married few hours later ..... Some say exercise is Key To feeling relaxed~




Mrs Woody: "What do you want to say?"

Mr Woody: "I am shooting"

Mrs Woody: (-_-)

Hay! you've arrived here! THANKS for watching~ I know this is long, the longest sharing I ever posted // one wedding film but many photo :p

Last but not least, this could not be done without Mrs Woody, and the ONE who decorates this wedding with the perfect sunshine, wind, beautiful beach, grass, flowers, trees & sounds of birds 

God bless Nana & Ian // i am honored to record all these for them.

// a JOURNEY //

"IS IT TRUE?" [email protected]

during the break of a wedding

watching my iphone

Enquiry Submitted: 02-Jan-2013

How may I serve you!? Wedding? // Portrait Film? // Commercial? // other Story?: Wedding Video

Let me check the schedule for you : ) when is it?: 17 Mar 2013


I love you video much. We will have wedding in Phuket on 17 Mar 2013. Could you please reply me your availability and …

Look forward to your promtly reply.

Nana & Ian

I earned a relationship, a skill, a new perspective, an experience, 

even from a small mistake {-_-}

again, i treasure the process as much as what ends up on the screen

it’s a dream-like journey // I return with full of wonderful memories